Our Company’s Opening Of Amazon Europe And Japan Sites

Our Company's Opening Of Amazon Europe And Japan Sites

Amazon platform (Amazon, referred to as Amazon) is the largest online e-commerce platform in the United States. The company is located in Seattle, Washington. Now it is the online retailer and the second Internet company with the largest variety of goods in the world. There are 14 sites on the platform. In order to facilitate individual users to purchase our lamps and merchants to purchase samples, our company has newly opened European and Japanese sites.


The advantages of choosing Amazon shopping:

1、Due to the epidemic, many users have reduced their shopping trips and switched to online shopping.

The Amazon platform can ensure that the things you buy online are cheap, secure, and complete, making it a good choice for individual users.

2、The Amazon platform is relatively standardized, and the platform rules are standardized, so that consumers can rest assured. All sellers need to operate stores in accordance with the rules of the platform and sell goods under fair and transparent regulations. Consumers do not need to worry about not receiving the goods after payment.


3、Don’t worry about the small quantity and high shipping cost.Since many wholesalers or retailers are buying for the first time, they want to order samples for testing, but because the quantity is small, the shipping cost will be very high, and it is impossible to buy the desired lamps. But if you buy on the Amazon platform, you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost, because Amazon will have a dedicated logistics responsible for the transportation, and the cost is also transparent, reasonable, and acceptable to consumers.


Post time: Dec-10-2021