• explosion proof light

    explosion proof light

    Round Shape And Square Shape Yellow Explosion Proof Lamp For Mining Place Specifications Light Power 50w,60w,80w,100w Input AC220-240V/50-60...
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  • LED Mining Headlight

    LED Mining Headlight

    Product Overview Mining headlights are mainly composed of LED light source groups, batteries, miner’s lamp shells, etc. The shell is generally made of PC material. The products can be fixed on mining helmets.Generally can be applied to mine excavation and tunn...
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  • LED Front Light Of Bike

    LED Front Light Of Bike

    Product Overview The front light of bike is a light installed on the handlebar of the bicycle for riders to ride at night. The main features of bicycle headlights are long battery life, both flooding and long-range shooting, waterproof, not afraid of bumps, an...
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  • 2021 New Style High Quality RGB Solar Flood Light With Rhythm 60W to 800W IP67 AW RGB Solar Flood Light

    2021 New Style High Quality RGB Solar Flood Light With Rhythm 60W to 800W IP67 AW RGB Solar Flood Light

    Products show Specifications Model No. AN-MJ-AW60C-RGB AN-MJ-AW100C-RGB AN-MJ-AW200C-RGB AN-MJ-AW300C-RGB AN-MJ-AW500C-RGB AN-M...
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  • LED Tube Light

    LED Tube Light

    LED Tube For LED Tube Short Description: 2FT, 4FT Led Tube Lamp holder Single or Double T8 Tube Integrate Tube Frame Specification Length 1200mm / 600mm Model For one Tube or two Tubes Function For LED T8 Tube Package for 1200mm 125x21x25cm Package for 600mm 65x18x18cm Thicknes...
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  • Magic Bulb

    Magic Bulb

    1、Product Overview Magic ball bulbs are often used in KTV, bars or music restaurants and so on. This kind of lamp can be rotated. It is composed of a sphere, a gland and a glass lens installed on the sphere, and an LED lamp located in the sphere. It can project a variety of colored light beams a...
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  • Edit LEDfloodlight

    Edit LEDfloodlight

      SMD LED Spot Light With Different Light Color Water Proof Floodlight Specification Power 10W/20W/30W/50W/150W/200W CCT 3000K-6500K PF >0.9 Beam Angle 90/120 degrees Input AC85-265V CRI >80 LPW 120lm/w IP IP66 Warranty 5 years Features   Use professional flood ...
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  • G4 G9 Bulb

    G4 G9 Bulb

    1、Product Overview G refers to the lamp cap of the lamp, which refers to the lamp cap with two or more protruding contacts. The number behind refers to the distance between the protruding contacts.G4 and G9 bulbs are very suitable for decoration.Widely used in crystal lamps. 2、Product Details ...
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  • GU10 Bulb、MAR16 Bulb、PAR38 Bulb

    GU10 Bulb、MAR16 Bulb、PAR38 Bulb

    1、Product Overview The installation method of LED bulbs can be divided into bayonet and screw. The beginning of GU, such as GU10, refers to the bayonet type that we use daily, GU: G indicates that the lamp holder type is plug-in, U indicates that the lamp holder part is U-shaped, and the number ...
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  • Fridge Lamp ST22 E14 2W LED Fridge Bulb Light

    Fridge Lamp ST22 E14 2W LED Fridge Bulb Light

    Fridge Lamp ST22 E14 2W LED Fridge Bulb Light Specification Product Name T22 fridge led bulb Voltage 220-240V Light power 2w Lumen 180 lumens Color temperature 2700-7000K Size 22×50.5mm Details and feature 1. Ultra low energy consumption, energy saving 80%; 2. Dire...
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  • Rechargeable LED Lamp Mine Coal Safety Cap Light For Underground Mining Or Project Light

    Specification Material ABS Light after 11 hours 4800Lux Working Time >15 hours Model Wireless Battery Cycle times >500 times Weight of light 110g IP IP66 Application Mining Light Source LED Voltage Rate 3.7V Rated Capacity 250mm MAH LED Power 0.8W Feature KL2.5LM Led mi...
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  • LED Filament Bulb

    1、Product Overview LED filament is also called LED lamp post, LED filament realizes 360° full-angle light, realizing three-dimensional light source. 360-degree LED filament bulb lamp is more energy-efficient than LED bulb lamp.The LED filament bulb is composed of LED filament, driving power, gla...
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