• LED Fan Light

    LED Fan Light

    Product Overview The fan light is a lamp with a fan installed. The fan light has a beautiful appearance and is equipped with different colors and styles of fan blades and lighting. It has the functions of lighting, cooling, decoration, etc. ...
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  • B8 Version 640w Grow Lights

    B8 Version 640w Grow Lights

    Grow Light Full Spectrum UV+IR LED’s 640W Light for Green Tent or Indoor Farmining Product Description ...
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  • Night light with motionsensor

    Night light with motionsensor

    Motion-activated magnetic wireless ABS With Battery 6 led motion sensor led night light Product Description ...
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  • AC Power Wall Light

    AC Power Wall Light

    1. Product Overview Wall light is auxiliary lighting decorative light installed on indoor or outdoor walls, Usually use glass or PC lampshade. The power of the bulb is less than 40 watts, and the light is elegant and harmonious, which can embellis...
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  • RGB Music bulb

    RGB Music bulb

    Smart RGB E27 Blue tooth Led Bulb Audio Speakers Lamp Color Changing WiFi App Control Dimmable LED Wireless Music Color Bulb Specification Product Name Bluetooth Music RGB Change Bulb Bulb Holder E27 Color White Li...
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  • LED Emergency Bulb

    LED Emergency Bulb

    Product Overview LED emergency light bulbs are also known as storage light bulbs, time-delay light bulbs, continuous light bulbs, and non-extinguishable lights. The emergency light bulb combines general lighting functions and power failure emergency lighting f...
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  • Garden Lamps Outdoor Solar Recharge Torch light landscape led solar flame lamp

    Garden Lamps Outdoor Solar Recharge Torch light landscape led solar flame lamp

    Production show Specification Solar panel Material Polycrystalline Silicon Solar panel power 5.5 V 1.8w Lithium Battery 3.7V 2200mAh Light source 12/20/33/51/96LEDS SMD 2835 2W ...
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  • Solar Wall LIght

    Solar Wall LIght

    1.Product Overview The wall light, as the name suggests, is a lamp hung on the wall. The wall light can not only illuminate, but also play a role in decorating the environment. The solar wall lamp is driven by the amount of solar energy to emit light. 1.Product Details Picture Model Ligth co...
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  • Super Bright Modern Ceiling Light Led Frame Panel Light With Different Size

    Product Show Specification Power 24W/42W/48W/72W Input AC220-240V CRI >80 CCT 3000K-7500K PF >0.5 LPW 100-110LM/W Warranty 3 years Production time 8-10 days Certificate CE, ROHS IP IP20 LED SMD 2835 Life time 30000 hours 54W Light power: 54w, Input: AC85-265V/50HZ or 60H...
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  • Application Of Outdoor Solar Lights

    1、General Overview With the rapid development of China’s economy and the increasing demand for energy, the problem of energy shortage has become an important issue affecting the rapid development of China’s economy. The full development and utilization of solar energy is a sustainabl...
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  • All in one solar light mode of transport

    All in one solar light mode of transport

    All in one solar light mode of transport Modes of transport We are a big factory and We have a integral manufacturing process of machining, powder coating, assembling, aging and quality checking with our own over 100 digital machines and skilled working ream. Furthermore, due to Labor and mate...
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  • Night Light

    Night Light

    1、Product Overview The small night light has various shapes and soft lighting, which can play a guiding role in the dark. At the same time, the small night lights are rich in varieties, strong in choice, and have the home furnishing and embellishment functions. 2、Product Details Picture Mod...
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