What’s The Point Of Grow Lights?

1.Plant lighting is to replace the sunlight with an artificial light environment to ensure the healthy growth of plants. Without light, plants cannot grow. In plants, light acts as an environmental signal to regulate a series of plant growth and development behaviors, including seed germination, morphological construction, flowering and synthesis of secondary metabolites. During this time, photosynthesis plants absorb sunlight, convert it into sugars, store them, and use them to grow.

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2.Through the “identification” and “preference” of light, theoretical guidance can be provided for artificial light cultivation of plants. Plant growth lamps can be precisely designed for each plant or each developmental period, and tailor-made plant light formulas can cultivate plants more efficiently and provide sufficient light and fertilizer for plant growth.

3.Plant grow llights can not only improve the light energy utilization rate of plants, increase production, but also improve the shape and color of plants, internal components, etc. It has been widely used in insecticide and other fields. High-efficiency plant growth lights, coupled with intelligent and optimized light control strategies, make crop growth unrestricted by natural light conditions, which is of great significance to improving agricultural production and ensuring the safety of agricultural products.

To sum up, grow lights are more helpful to plant growth and yield than natural light.

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Post time: Apr-10-2023