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Aina Lighting Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Aina-4 Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a private limited company registered in Shanghai, China. It specializes in the R&D, design, manufacture, and marketing of light emitting sources and lighting fixtures.  It is an enterprise formed by four (4) pioneer lighting companies, putting their resources together to produce products and services that create sustainability not only for the environment, but also for the economies and societies that the company grows with.

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Business Philosophy

Aina-4 products reflect the business philosophy of raising customer expectations and giving them freedom of personal expression through best quality design, materials, and manufacturing processes, at the same time making sure that it leaves a positive impact on all stakeholders socially, economically, and ecologically. 

Our Advantage

Production: Strong Production ability and Capacity
•Bulbs: 10 production lines, 3 lines for Automatic Packaging, 150000 pcs per day;
•T8 Tubes:15 production lines,200000 pcs per day;
•Filament Bulbs: 6 production lines, 150000 pcs per day;
•Other Production lines: 4 production lines, 20000 pcs per day

R&D Advantage
•We have more than 30 engineers, with their specializations related to electron, optics, light source packaging and lighting structure.
•We have complete testing machines to ensure high reliability and high performance under quantity production.


Our Advantage

Supply chain integration to improve the quality of lights, increase service reaction, and to reduce costs
•Bulbs: 10 production lines, 3 lines for Automatic Packaging, 150000 pcs per day;
•T8 Suppliers’ Chain: 4 units of tube drawing machine, 2 furnaces, 720000 pcs tubes per day
•Water-based spraying production lines: 200000 pcs per day
•Driver lines: We have complete production lines for driver, from SMT, plug-in components, testing to aging, 200000 units per day
•We have production base both in Anhui and Shenzhen.
•Shenzhen base is mainly for highbay lighting, strip lighting and other industrial and commercial lighting.
•We have many years of OEM and ODM service and managing experience.
•We can make sure to meet different requirements.


Our Advantage

Product Advantage
•Price: Because of the integration with the suppliers, we have different price level for lights to meet different markets.
•Product Performance: Based on the market requirements, we can offer up to 5 years warranty for some lights.
•We can reach 200LPW for some projects.
•For normal items, we can add emergency driver to meet the special usage of the lights.
•Based on different requirements, we can add intelligent dimming driver and sensor on our lights.
•Based on different requirements, we can offer different certificates to meet the different requirements of markets, such as American standard or European standard.

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Our Service

We have very experienced R&D engineers and we have strong ability to do ODM projects.

We have different production lines for different lighting. It can make the delivery time faster than others.

Automated production processes ensure quality and benefits of economies of scale.

Our Quality Inspection Department can help customers to check all the items before shipment.

We can offer OEM/ODM service. Customers can use their own brand.

Our Values

Never let profit get in the way of doing what is right for the customer.

Give customers a good, fair deal.

Always forge enduring relationships.

Always look for ways to make it easier for customers to do business with us.

Communicate with customers - they know better especially in real application.

Candor and dignity - at all times!

Count the blessings - never forget to thank customers for their valued business!