1000SD Tunnel Light

1、Product Overview
Tunnels are special sections of high-grade highways. When vehicles enter, pass through and exit the tunnel, a series of visual problems will occur. In order to adapt to changes in vision, additional electro-optical lighting needs to be set up. Tunnel lights are special lamps mainly used for tunnel lighting.

2、Product Details

1 Input AC180-240V
2 Power 20w
3 LPW ≥100lm/w
4 Working temperature -40℃-50℃
5 Frequency 50/60HZ
6 Maximum projected area subjected to wind 0.01m2 
7 IP Rating IP65
8 Torque applied to bolts or screws 17N.m
9 Housing Tempered glass


Light Size



Light Weight


3、Product Features
3.1.High efficiency and energy saving: The power consumption of 1000 series tunnel lamps is one-fifth of that of traditional lamps.Power saving reaches 50%-70%;
3.2. Long service life: the service life can reach 50,000 hours;
3.3. Healthy light: the light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, no radiation, stable luster, and is not affected by age sound color difference;
3.4. Green environmental protection: It does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead. The electronic ballast in ordinary lamps will generate electricity.
magnetic interference;
3.5. Protect eyesight: no stroboscopic, long-term use will not cause eye fatigue. Ordinary lights are AC driven , it will inevitably produce stroboscopic;
3.6. High light efficiency: low heat generation, 90% of electrical energy is converted into visible light;
3.7. High protection level: The special sealing structure design makes the protection level of the lamp reach IP65;
3.8. Sturdy and reliable: The LED light itself uses high-strength tempered glass and aluminum instead of traditional glass.Sturdy and reliable, more convenient for transportation;
3.9. The lamp adopts the continuous tunnel design concept, and the lamp realizes uninterrupted connection;
3.10. The heat dissipation design is designed according to the airflow direction, which can strengthen the heat dissipation capacity and avoid dust accumulation;
3.11. The special mounting bracket design makes the lamps and lanterns adjustable in three-dimensional space;
3.12. Easy to clean, the glass surface is evenly stressed, and can be washed by high-pressure water gun without breaking;
3.13. The shell is made of high strength and high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, and the surface is oxidized.
3.14. Emergency lighting: centralized power supply and centralized control type. When the lamp fails, the centralized control cabinet will
4、Product Installation
When installing, fix the tunnel light on the tunnel wall first, and then connect the cable lead wire according to the requirements of 6 (with connection mark). After checking, turn on the power and the tunnel light can work. The specific installation steps are as follows:

4.1、Open the box, take out the lamps and check;

4.2、Fix the lamp to the wall first;

4.3、Adjust the bracket angle;

4.4、After the angle is adjusted, tighten the screws;

4.5、Determine the installation angle of the lamps;

4.6、Connect the tunnel light cable to the corresponding position according to the connection mark.
AC input connection identification: L N
N: Neutral wire: Ground wire L: Live wire

5、Product Application

1000SD series is suitable for places that need lighting such as tunnels, underground passages, and underground parking lots.

Post time: Mar-16-2023