Discussion On Delay In Delivery

The current delivery time of the goods will be slightly later than before. So what are the main reasons for the delay in delivery? Look at the following aspects first:

1、Electricity Restriction

In response to the “dual control of energy consumption” policy, the factory will restrict electricity and production. Power curtailment will lead to a decrease in the operating rate, which in turn leads to a decrease in production capacity. If production capacity fails to keep up with demand, there will be delays in delivery.


2、Raw Material Shortage

For example, aluminum, due to the reduction of aluminum production capacity due to power curtailment, the production capacity used to make aluminum products will definitely be affected, and there will be a situation in which demand exceeds supply. The reduction in raw material inventory and the reduction in the production capacity of processed products will lead to an extension of the delivery time of the goods.

3、IC Shortage

First of all, there are few manufacturers that can produce ICs in large quantities, which is almost a monopoly.

Secondly, the raw materials for IC production are also in short supply, and equipment needs to be deployed.

Finally, due to the serious epidemic situation in the past two years, and the increase in electricity caps, workers have less time to start work and insufficient manpower, resulting in a shortage of ICs.

Due to the above problems, IC is in short supply, and the production of lamps needs to wait for the arrival of the IC, so the delivery period is bound to be delayed.


Post time: Nov-12-2021