Solar Camping Light

1、Product Overview
Solar camping lights provide lighting in the campsite, indicating the location of the campsite, etc., and are movable lamps. Features of camping lamps: light weight and easy to carry. Super energy-saving and long life, no heat source, soft and no flicker, effectively protect the eyes. Camping lamp shell materials are generally environmentally friendly ABS plastic and PC plastic transparent cover.


2、Product Details

Picture Model Battery Material Charging Time
 Light2 AN-GSH6077TC-5W 800ma ABS 12h
 Light3 AN-DDOJ-2881T 800ma ABS 4-6h
 Light4 AN-S906-300W 4700ma PC 4-6h

3、Product Features
1.Solar smart charging, high-quality A-level polycrystalline silicon solar panel, high photoelectric conversion rate
2. USB interface input and output, support multiple charging methods, emergency charging of outdoor mobile phones


3. Four levels of power display, real-time control of battery life status, timely charging

4. Life-level waterproof, not afraid of wind and rain


4、Product Application
Solar camping lights are often used for camping, field lighting, night fishing, car maintenance, garage backup, etc. Some camping lights have radios, charging mobile phones and other functions.


Post time: Nov-25-2021