LED Front Light Of Bike

Product Overview

The front light of bike is a light installed on the handlebar of the bicycle for riders to ride at night. The main features of bicycle headlights are long battery life, both flooding and long-range shooting, waterproof, not afraid of bumps, and high safety index.

LED Front2

Product Details

Model Lumen Battery House Color IP
AN-HQ-BKF 350 1200mah black IPX5
LED Front3

Product Features

1、USB charging:USB charging can compatible with computer or mobile phone charger power bank.USB charging is not only efficient, but also very convenient.


2、IPX5 waterproof security:It’s made of high quality materials and has been sealed processing. It has a strong waterproof effect Whether it is heavy rain or wet fog. It will not affect the normal service life and brightness of the light.

LED-Front53、Small size but large capacity. Built-in USB charging port at the rear. Which is small in size but large in capacity, strong in power storage, and can last for a long time without fear of running out of power. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of night cycling.

4、Four models can be switched: Highlight model,Mediumlight model,Lowlight model,Flashing model.

Product Packaging

Light size: 70x45x30mm,GW:0.2Kg

Product Application

In addition to helping riders illuminate the night road,the front light of bike can also be more widely used outdoors. 350 lumens light shooting effect,It can be used as flashlight in camping or outdoors.


Post time: Oct-21-2021